Custom Music Composition and Production for Games, Television and Film.

Providing outstanding original music composition and production for the entertainment industries since 2003, resonance array and our world class composers, musicians and production team can help take your project to the next level.

Key creative Scott Lloyd Shelly

I enjoy creating epic and/or small and intimate orchestral music, strange synthesizer sounds, naughty noises with guitars, and discovering new hybrids of musical styles in the creative, emotional, and narrative service of the visual; and coming in on time and under budget.

Most of the projects I work on are solo endeavours on my part, but when time and budgets allow I can assemble and supervise a team of outsource audio experts (subcontracting additional composers, musicians, voice over actors, sourcing and editing sfx, etc.) to get you through crunch time.

By working closely with your team, my goal is to add uniqueness and value to your project by creating exclusive and original audio content, and I’m happy to do my best to answer any questions you may have, or to just kick some ideas around.”    ….Scott Lloyd Shelly