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past Projects

Good. Bad. I’m the Guy with the Yo-Yo: The Terraria 1.3 Official Trailer

“Chiptune/Orchestral Adventure Hybrid” – that was my initial reaction to an early build, and luckily the developers liked the first track I submitted. (Thank you Re-Logic!)

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade (cut scene)

(from the Way Back machine…) The developers requested a Little Rascals/Our Gang /30’s/40’s small band/Klezmer style for the music; similar but not really cartoon ala WB classics.

Bouncer Boot Out trailer

Five different clubs with five different styles of music in game; FX and VO for the trailer as well.

Jumpstart 4th Grade – Intro (cut scene +)

(another one from the Way Back machine…) Educational game for kids; developer wanted a Haunted House vibe, but not too scary.

Terraria: Journey’s End – E3 2019 Trailer

As this amazing game has continued to grow, my creative challenge has been to come up with new variations that maintain the musical style we established early on.

Putt-Putt Joins The Circus Pt. 1

I had so much fun working on this for Humongous Entertainment – thought my music for games career had peaked at the time. Featuring the voice of Nancy Cartwright, who later voiced Bart Simpson.

Spy Fox: Hold The Mustard Walkthrough

Spy Fox in Hold The Mustard from Humongous Entertainment – music loops and cut-scene score by Scott Lloyd Shelly

Sunset Studio Behind the Scenes!

developed by Star City Media – music, sfx, & dialogue design by resonance array