Limited Edition Vinyl OST

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To commemorate the Journey’s End final update, the amazing folks at Re-Logic are releasing a Limited Edition triple green disc vinyl Terraria OST, exclusive to the Laced Records store. Pre-order now at


GDC 2020

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Looking forward to GDC Summer 2020 Online Conference in August, having never been to one IRL – which is kind of weird as I’m from San Francisco originally, and I love that city. Guess I’ll have to review my notes from PAX AUS “Networking For Introverts” panel talk.


Terraria Review (Nintendo Switch)

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Posted By: Kurt Perry
on: July 19, 2019
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“Terraria’s soundtrack sticks firmly to that SNES theme. Boss themes sound like they are cleaner versions of classic OSTs like Castlevania, Double Dragon, and Lufia 2. The biome songs are relaxing. The boss themes are epic. “Plantera” and “Lunar Pillars” are some of the best themes I’ve heard in a while. They emphasize the panic and peril the player is feeling. These bosses are difficult, and my god does the music reinforce that. Composer Scott Lloyd Shelly has done a fantastic job of creating one of the best indie game soundtracks ever made.”



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My first PAX – amazing! Took it slow and tried to absorb as much as possible in three days – Indie Showcase faves included Damsel from Screwtape Studios; Eyes of Ara by Ben Droste at 100 Stones Interactive; and Forts from Earthworks Games. Brisbane based devs all (just a coincidence…)

Really enjoyed the History of Video Game Music panel, oh, and then there was Skyrim on PSVR ¬\¬

20 Million and Counting!

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20 Million and counting! Well deserved Congratulations to the Terraria team for passing the 20 million sales mark! Grateful to have been included from early days for contributing music to this amazing game!